Sustainable, ethical, beautiful and so much more... it's Inhérent.

Our Vision

Our goal is to empower those that we work with and who help bring our creative visions to life. Everyday we strive to do it a little better to bring our customers beautiful things that they can be proud to have in their wardrobe and their spaces. The business may expand but the vision remains.

The Future of Fashion: It's Inhérent

At Atelier Kate we believe that the future of fashion is and always will be fashion with a focus on sustainability, ethical practices and reduction of waste throughout all areas of the business. As we strive to create beautiful designs we also strive to develop our holistic sustainability everyday. In August we will be launching fashion our quality, one of a kind designs under its new name Inhérent!

This change will keep our ethos alive while allowing us to better serve your fashion needs. Plus we get to have a big party to celebrate!

  • Artisan Craftsmanship

    Each piece is carefully designed by Kate Tramposh & handmade by our incredibly talented artisans around Morocco so you can always feel confident that the pieces in your closet will not only be incredibly stylish but good for you, your family, the community who made it and the planet! 

  • Holistic Sustainability

    Because we know you're committed living a more sustainable life, we are committed to holistic sustainability. Looking at the whole picture to ensure that from start to finish we are doing right by our partners & the planet, while telling you all about it along the way!

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