Holistic Sustainability

looking at the whole picture & committing to bettering the planet we all share.

Our story so far

Atelier Kate LLC, the parent company of Inhérent, was born in a pub in Paris after a long day of styling a showroom filled with clothing that smelled so strongly of harsh chemicals it made people sick. At that moment Kate knew there had to be a better way to pursue this career she loved.

After a year of extensive research on organic, sustainable and fair practices, Atelier Kate was born. The mission? Make beautiful, organic and fair trade clothing that people would want to wear without having to wear "sustainability" on their lapels.

After 9 years of bettering our practices, changing as new materials are made available and listening to our customers, Atelier Kate branched off into two brands Inhérent for fashion & The Moro Company for home. Two brands with the same ethos that created the original brand. Do better for the planet and the people we share it with, all while looking fabulous!

Since day 1 we have been committed to the people we work with, those who wear our clothing and the planet we all share. That has never and will never change, we've just gotten better at it!


If you love fashion, we love you! Honestly, even if you don't we love you too, it's not a prerequisite to join this club. Just don't get harsh our mellow as we geek out on it for a moment!

We carry sizes European 32 (US 2) to European 60 (US 28) but the beauty of having everything made to order is you can let us know if you need a size we don't have. No ifs, ands, or pluses about it!

Road to Change

And you're driving! When you purchase a piece from any Atelier Kate brand, you are making a donation to a worth while cause. Those causes rotate & we will always let you know what they are. Right now, it is relief for the victims of the 2023 Earthquake that devastated many rural communities across Morocco. We are grateful none of the artisans we work with were affected but so many of their neighbors were making this cause close to our hearts. 20% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to the Amal Foundation in Morocco.

The Amal foundation use 100% of the donations to feed and help rebuild communities around the country. This is a group of women who volunteer their time and energy to help their fellow citizens.

Our Values in Every Stitch

Beautiful Design + Quality

The hippie spirit is alive & well at Inhérent but it's not all boho dresses & macrame crop tops here! While we love a flowers in our hair moment, we love a cocktail party & a mini skirt just as much. Beyond that we want our pieces to be those "I inherited this [insert clothing item here] from my grandma" because it's just that well made!

Ethical Labor + Fair Pay

The way we work is with independently owned, predominately female, artisan businesses around Morocco and France. Working directly with them rather than through a middleman insures that 100% of the price we pay goes to the people bringing our designs to life. Traditionally, when shopping artisan goods, the majority of the sale goes to the intermediary leaving the artisans with only 20%. Not here!

Holistic Sustainability

We are committed to the WHOLE picture. While it is true that any change is good change, in this case, we believe more is more! That is why we are always looking at each step of our process to ensure our clothing lasts, our artisans are supported, our packaging is biodegradable, our emissions are offset and you know as much as we do about where your clothing comes from and how it's made.


You know what we know! We don't want to gate keep & we will never give you a vague blurb about how we are working sustainably but never give you the details, that defeats the purpose. We want you to have no unanswered questions when you are shopping with us, which is why on each product page you can see exactly who we source each piece of material from & where it originated (as long as we have that information). You get to know the incredible artisans we work with & hear their stories in their voices. Anything we didn't cover? Shoot us an email, we are an open book!

Minimize Our Footprint

We work with certified deadstock. What does that mean? It means that we work with fabric that otherwise would have gone to the landfill, for no other reason than a designer at a luxury European fashion house changed their mind about a design. Trust me it happens 100's of thousands of dollars an outfit, multiple times before a show or collection launch. Not here! We believe in minimizing our waste & maximizing our positive impact. We work to offset our footprint by minimizing a piece’s travel, which means pieces made in Morocco are shipping from Morocco, pieces made in France are shipping from France & $0.15 of every shipment is sent directly to offset any carbon emissions we do create.

Continually Improving

Sustainable fashion has come a long way from, Kate starting with an organic & fair trade collection in a car driving to every boutique she could find, 9 years ago. It has evolved into new materials, new manufacturing methods, new certifications & so much more. We are committed to learning about any & all ways to make our operation more sustainable, like switching from organic & fair-trade new fabric to certified deadstock from LMVH to reduce the massive amounts of waste that fashion produces yearly or making our last collection with animal leather (even if it is upcycled) because we FINALLY found a truly sustainable high quality leather alternative that actually sucks carbon out of the air while being made. How cool is that!

Even the Packaging?

Yes, even the packaging!

The box you receive your clothing in is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, to ensure environments are responsibly managed & meet the highest environmental & social standards. She's also a sturdy girl so you can reuse it over & over again!

The tissue wrapping your sustainable treasure? Biodegradable & really freaking cute, if we do say so ourselves. Plus every 1000 sheets the design changes... how fun!

Think we sent you a plastic mailing pouch? Think again! That is a completely compostable mailer made from a combo of cornstarch & bioplastics!

We've got you covered. When we say the whole picture, we mean the WHOLE picture!

1524ft of Fabric Diverted From Landfills | 12 Artisan Communities Employed | 0 Production of New Fabric | 100% Compostable Packaging |

Our Artisans

A design meeting has never been so much fun! Filled with tea, pastries and even couscous at times, when we sit with our artisans, magic happens. These are the incredible women & men who help bring our ideas to life.


A designer herself, Ibtissame brings to life all of the beading designs that Kate can come up with. The process is collaborative both making each other better for it. Ibtissame's eye for detail and precision make her the best at what she does, time and time again.


Ibtissame's sister and business partner, she is sweet, caring and is always trying to feed anyone who comes into her space. She is deft in embroidery and loves to watch pieces come to life through her threads.


A seriously inspiring tale! When her husband, who owned the leather atelier she works in to this day, fell ill she took over his business. As a woman, she is a pioneer in the leather working community. Her passion and attention to detail are unmatched and thankfully she is passing her knowledge on to the next generation of women.


Joining forces with Rkiya when she had to provide, Souad is full of smiles and laughter as she pioneers the leather working industry. A chance meeting and a true friendship lead her and Rkiya to being the only female run artisan leather shop in Marrakech.

Liven Up Your Space... Sustainably

We have home goodies too! The same values & carefully crafted design for your home with our brand The Moro Company.

Fashioning The Future

Fashion is an outward expression of the light radiates from within. To honor that light we will always insure that your wardrobe is filled with pieces you can wear with pride, knowing that together we are committed to the world we all share... It's Inhérent.

While we are proud of what we are doing, there is always more to be done. As we grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bettering the future of fashion. We are always working towards large scale change that advance our positive impact for the communities we love and planet we all share.

As we grow, we are excited to integrate even more sustainable initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Recycling Our Small Scraps
  • Community Outreach
  • Sustainable Energy Run Facilities

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